Maryland Gives bridges the gap between nonprofit organizations in need and people willing to help them. 

Yet, Maryland Gives has so much more to offer for the community. Through our "Give" events, you can give help, get help, get education, or give education.

Our mission and commitment is about education and community outreach. 

Education - the Maryland Gives vision is to provide informative, and educational opportunities for technical professionals, emergind professionals and interested individuals.  Through our educational connection, we have provided the Maryland community with educational events for over 12 years.

Community outreach - the Maryland Gives vision is to provide technical resources and support to needing nonprofit organization through volunteer efforts and direct philanthropic interaction. Through our community outreach, we have helped over 80 nonprofit organizations by providing over $1 million in technical services through our volunteers. Read More...

Maryland "Gives"

More than a verb, "Gives" is the basis for all of our events and activities. 
Learn more about the "Gives" of Maryland Gives.  Read More..

Maryland Gives for Nonprofit Organizations

If you are a nonprofit organization in need, Maryland Gives is here to connect you to the help you seek.  Read More...

Maryland Gives for Members and Volunteers

If you are willing to help nonprofit organizations or if your interests are purely about getting education and information, Maryland Gives is here for you. Read More...

Maryland Gives for Sponsors

If you want to contribute to the community and help out a great cause, then Maryland Gives is the place for you to do it. Read More...

More details and information coming soon...Come back and learn more once we are open.

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