Is your nonprofit in need of technical or other help?

Maryland Gives is your answer.

Maryland "Gives"

More than a verb, "Gives" is the basis for all of our events and activities. 
Learn more about the "Gives" of Maryland Gives.  Read More..

Maryland Gives for Your Needs

You have a nonprofit organization but don't have the technical talent or resources to complete your mission?  Maryland Gives is just what you are looking for. 

Our mission is to connect you with willing volunteers to help meet your technical dreams.  We bring highly talented and willing volunteers to your organization through our Give Events. 

More details and information coming soon...Come back and learn more once we are open.

Baltimore GiveCamp Participants

If you were a Baltimore GiveCamp participant or were registered for the Baltimore GiveCamp 2014 cancelled event, there are some exciting changes for you through Maryland Gives.  Read More...

Get Aware Nonprofits


You're serious about what you do and so are we. When we work with your organization our focus is on making sure that your needs are served the best way possible.  We strive to connect the right people with your projects.


We focus on continuity within your technology projects. Maryland Gives is not a hack-a-thon with code-and-go style participation. We manage the projects you need and make sure that continuity is achieve throughout your participation. Although many of our events provide a hack-a-thon experience for the volunteers, we work to make sure that you are not left holding the bag when it's over. Volunteers may come and go, but we strive to make sure that valuable knowledge and artifacts are preserved to serve as the basis for any new participants, projects or years to come.