About Maryland Gives

Maryland Gives is a nonprofit organization focused on the needs of other Maryland Area Nonprofit organizations.  Our mission is to connect willing volunteers to nonprofit organizations for the purpose of making community outreach visions become a reality while providing an enjoyable, meaningful and educational experience for all involved.

Maryland Gives is backed by a team of professionals that are dedicated to this mission.  Our team is comprised of volunteers that have been in this industry, who have helped nonprofit organizations and who have been in the technology field for many years.

Our goal is to provide a cohesive environment where willing volunteers - those that want to help nonprofit organizations - have a place and channel to do so. 

Our plan is to keep it simple, yet to make it effective and meaningful.  Through our technology and our team we provide a way for both volunteers and nonprofits to participate at any level they choose.  This can be from helping all year around, to simply being a receiver of information.


2002 - CMAP, the Central Maryland Association of .NET Professionals is born.
2007 - CMAP produces the first of many Code Camp events.
2011 - CMAP produces the first Baltimore GiveCamp event.
2014 - Maryland Gives is born.

2014 - Maryland Gives, Inc. becomes a 501(c)(3) organization